Breed Demonstrations

This is an opportunity to show several different examples of your breed. Horses can be ridden, lunged, driven, shown in hand, at liberty, in costume or any other manner that your group desires. Horses should be well groomed with clean tack as if going to a show. You must have at least 5 horses for a breed demonstration.


A limited number of breed demonstration time slots are available during the Horse Fair weekend. Since space is limited, information regarding your breed demonstration must be submitted ahead of time so that the Horse Fair Management can plan the program for printing and notify groups so they can plan accordingly for stall arrangements. Applicants are welcome to apply each year for consideration – we encourage these demonstrations to be CREATIVE and DIFFERENT from previous years.


Time slots are awarded based on availability and audience appeal/entertainment value. Decisions regarding breed demonstration time slots are at the discretion of Horse Fair Management. If multiple requests are made for the same breed the Horse Fair Management will contact each party to determine who is best able to fill the time slot.


Breed demonstrations need to be planned for 10 minutes. 2.5 minutes is available on each side of that for set up and clean up totaling a program time slot of 15 minutes.


All Breed demonstration representatives should attend the 5:30 p.m. Friday night barn meeting (see horse barn info sheet) with changes to their loudspeaker reading and/or music needed for their demo.

Breed Demonstration Request packet, COMING SOON!

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