Greta Cummings & Sheri Dill-Billings


Cornerstone Horsemanship with Greta Cummings & Sheri Dill-Billings

"The horse is made ready" Proverbs 21:31


Greta has experience as an equine professional dating back to 1995. It all started with the neighbor girls calling and wanting to learn how to ride. From there her program was born. Greta has been a lover of horses for as long as she can remember. She got her first pony when she was 8 years old, and her first horse a short time after. She participated in 4-H from the age of 9 through her senior year in high school. Greta rekindled her Father, and Grandfather's love of horses, and their herd grew. Many times, you could find Greta driving one of the family's teams in Amana, giving complementary rides to visitors. In addition to competing on the 4-H level she has also successfully shown Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, Western Pleasure, Ranch Pleasure and Riding, Sorting, and Driving. Greta has a passion for good horses and bringing out their best, no matter the discipline, and helping fellow riders do the same. Greta's mentors have been Richard Shrake (since 1996) and Melanie Smith-Breidt (since 1993).


Cornerstone Farm was founded near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa when Greta married in 2002 and the Cornerstone Horsemanship teaching and training program began. In 2019 Sheri Dill-Billings joined the Cornerstone Horsemanship Program as a partner and the program has grown exponentially.

For Sheri, it has not been about becoming a horse trainer, but progressing in her own horsemanship skills and sharing them with others. Sheri also brings in life skills she learned from her day job (now retired) with Alliant Energy as a supervisor, which were also applicable to coaching others with their horses. Sheri was hooked on learning more about horsemanship skills in the early 2000's and since then has completed Chris Cox's 5 step horsemanship program and mentoring under him.  Sheri brings in over 40 years of experience with horses. Like Greta, Sheri got her first horse when she was 9 and participated in 4-H through her senior year. For Sheri, her focus has been more on enjoying her horses as a family activity and with friends. Her true passion lies with colt starting and working with problem horses; and then seeing them succeed with their owners.


Before partnering in Cornerstone Horsemanship, Sheri hosted several Boot Camps for fellow riders to help them grow in their skills and confidence. Cornerstone Horsemanship now offers the Boot Camp Clinic as well as additional levels to allow riders to progress in their skills. Check out for more information.