Kelli Paulson Crist

Do you want a horse that is soft, willing, relaxed, confident, responsive and a joy to ride? For the last 15 years Kelli has taught riders how to get these qualities from their horse. By learning and practicing the right tools and skills, the pieces can come together. It is possible to learn timing and feel, and have a willing horse.


It is all about the foundation. When the foundation is right, you can accomplish anything with your horse. Then you can go anywhere… and it’s fun!


Kelli’s passion is teaching people, who have horses, but want something more. By adding dressage concepts to their training, riders can get the “look” they want. Trail with Trail Obstacles creates willingness, confidence and responsiveness. With the right tools and lots of practice, the horse of your dreams is possible!


Kelli has started hundreds of colts, ranch roped, trail rode, competed in extreme trail, dressage and Working Equitation, founded and operates Trail Rider Challenge, is co-author of the Working Equitation Handbook and a Purina Regional Ambassador.


Kelli helps riders learn in a kind, simple, clear, effective way and looks forward to meeting you!

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