Medicine River Farms

“Dressage for the Every Day Rider”

Clinician – Rachel Wehrheim


Rachel Wehrheim’s passion for riding started at a young age.  It didn’t matter what the horse was or what saddle, if any, was on its back, she was going to ride it.  Her openness to breeds and disciplines provided her with a whole range of experiences influencing her riding and training styles.


Along the way, Rachel has been fortunate to work with master horsemen in a variety of disciplines from western horsemen to classical dressage masters.  Over the last 15 years, she has studied with classical dressage masters from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Portugal, Switzerland, and Spain in order to maximize the potential of her Lipizzans.


Throughout these experiences Rachel found a common theme amongst successful horsemen - a good and effective riding position helps bring out the best in a horse.  Rachel works with her students to improve their positions so they can become one with the horse.  As they become one, the horse’s gaits begin to improve as he relaxes and comes onto the bit.


Rachel enjoys working with those that are open to learning and want to improve themselves and their horses.


To learn more about Rachel and lesson opportunities, please visit her website at

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