Lifelong trainer and competitor Michele has traveled the mid-west showing and teaching.  Change Rein LLC is located just outside of Huxley Iowa, where Michele trains and gives lessons with her 3 daughters, on her husband’s family owned Kalsem Farm Inc.  A United States Eventing Assoc. Level 1, having completed part 1 of the United State Dressage Federation L Judge program and a member & Joint DC of the Raccoon Valley Pony Club Michele is active in many equine associations.

Michele works with a huge variety of equine partnerships ranging from beginners to advanced riders across many disciplines. No matter the end game for the horse and rider, she believes dressage training is basic, good tools. Using consistency and the building blocks of progressive training to teach all movements required for competition and pleasure riding, including safely jumping in the stadium and in the field, Michele has seen these tested methods prove success repeatedly. Whether its the thrill of galloping after the hounds, a relaxing trail ride or something in between dressage sets the stage for success.  Rhythm and Relaxation at the bottom levels prepares all future training. Humans and horses cannot learn effectively if they are not relaxed and tension effects rhythm in every aspect of life to the core of our wellbeing.  Beginning thru advance riders, youth and adults are all encouraged to expand their equine education and Michele's goals for each horse and rider, each day, is to learn something they can use again tomorrow and have fun while doing it.

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