IHF Queen Contest 

Schedule of Events


Check in.


Must be checked in by noon. 

Introductions before the rodeo performance. Please meet at the horse barn office at 6:30 pm.  You must have a rodeo ticket if you wish to attend the rodeo.  Western casual attire.


Pattern handed out after written test is completed. Separate pattern for each division.

Written Test- Cattle Barn Sale Ring at 9 am.  50 points.  No dress requirement.  Order of go will be announced. 


Warm-up – will be in the outdoor area by pavilion unless inclement weather or rodeo equipment blocking warm up pen. If raining warm up will be in pavilion for 15 min at the start of the contest.  Shelter will be provided if raining. Pattern/ Queen Salute contest to start at 2:30 pm!  Individual question is the tie breaker if needed.

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