Raymond Helmuth

Raymond Helmuth.jpg

Raymond Helmuth, owner operator of Helmuth Equine located south of Ames,

Iowa, established his training stable in 2009 and has developed a reputation for

specializing in problem horses and those who have been in wrecks. Having

grown up with horses, he has an uncanny knack of determining what each horse

needs, saving many problem horses and helping them become trusted and

successful show, trail, and family horses. Often his work involves improving the

relationship between the owner and the horse.

Raymond has driven, and successfully shown, everything from single cart horses

to six horse hitches throughout the United States. An awards winner in draft

horse competitions, Combined Driving Events, Pleasure Driving Carriage shows,

Driving Derbies and Driving Trials, he is also well established nationally as an

equine judge.

Best known as a driving horse trainer, Raymond also trains saddle horses for both

English and Western disciplines and has a successful farrier business and carriage

for hire service. He has used his vast knowledge of horses to help develop special

bits, which customers can purchase, as well as Comfy Fit harnesses, from his

stable. Raymond has been helpful to many people, in the search for and purchase

of horses that will safely meet their needs. His business is, indeed, full service.

For the past several years Raymond has been a good friend of the Iowa Horse

Council and leads an Iowa Horse Council Confidence Clinic for people who have

had an accident or simply have a fear of their horse. In addition he does a yearly

driving clinic in the spring sponsored by the Mid-Iowa Driving Association.