Scott Purdum

Scott Purdum is an internationally recognized horseman who strives to educate, empower and entertain people with horses. Scott has devoted his time learning both human and equine biomechanics to develop a program that bring both together to build a true connection. Through this, he has created his own program focusing on seat stabilization and opening the communication line where riders will start to see a difference right away.

Since creating Advantage Horsemanship, Scott has set out to share not only the what he has learned, but continues to learn about horses, riders, and how to create a true connection. Scott travels to Portugal each year to study under Luis Valen a, master rider of classical dressage, to educate himself and adapt his training to encourage the best communication between horse and rider.

Scott resides in northern Virginia where he trains, teaches, and offers clinics for horsemen/horsewomen to attend. You can follow Scott and his training program through his YouTube, social media channels, as well as his Leadership Club that has hundreds of videos including step-by-step instruction throughout his program.

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