Steve Lantvit

Steve Lantvit is a Versatility Performance Horseman whose training program is based on trust, gentle hands, and a true partnership with the horse. Steve focuses on creating a light horse by establishing a strong foundation and providing correct timing and consistency with his methods. His guiding mission is to help riders achieve their dreams in and out of the show pen by producing handy, steady, and well-rounded horses.

Steve conducts numerous clinics at his facility in Northwestern Indiana and across the country on show preparation and skills, horsemanship, and all aspects of working with cattle.  Steve competes successfully in ranch and cow horse events and enjoys coaching riders and judging ranch and stock horse shows. A past honoree as “Instructor of the Year” of CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association), Steve offers effective, meaningful instruction for riders of all levels in his coaching, clinics, and presentations.

Steve also hosts the popular TV show, Sure in the Saddle (as seen on RFD-TV and the Cowboy Channel), providing excellent tips and techniques for riders and horse training. The show provides millions of viewers access to his perspective and methods and reaches a wide audience across multiple disciplines. His humor and common-sense approach to teaching have made him a favorite at horse expos and other exhibitions across the country.