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IHC Grant Guidelines


Grant amounts will vary and be between $100 and $1,000.  Buildings, salaries, and political causes will not be considered for grant funding.

Proposals are evaluated by the Grants Advisory Committee. Each member of the Grants Advisory Committee reviews all requests, rating each from 1-10 in priority of funding.  Grant applications are rated on demonstration of need, leverage of other funds, and proposed evaluation of results.  Once completed, all numerical priorities are aggregated into a list from highest priority ratings to lowest.  Once the list is compiled, the committee meets to decide how much funding goes to each of the different proposals.

Funds granted by the Iowa Horse Council will be available to the grantee for a 12-month period unless otherwise specified or agreed upon at the time of the grant award or by subsequent action of the Iowa Horse Council.  It is understood that, if the terms of the agreement are not met, or if the project is not completed within a 12-month period, the funds will revert back to the Iowa Horse Council and the award cancelled.

This grant is to be used exclusively for the purposes specified in the letter of award, which may represent all or any part of a project specified in a grant application.  Any profit of grant funds not used for the specific purpose(s) specified by the Iowa Horse Council shall be returned to the Iowa Horse Council.

Grantee will acknowledge the contribution of the Iowa Horse Council to this program or project whenever and wherever appropriate to the project or program.  This could include (but is not limited to) press releases, construction signage, brochures, or programs (e.g. This program/project made possible by funds contributed by the Iowa Horse Council.)

For information on applying for grants from the Iowa Horse Council, please contact: Phil Duey 515-987-1685

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