IHC Grants


The Iowa Horse Council grants process is formal and applications must be received on or before the deadline of October 1 of the current year.  All applications must be on an official application form. Additional supportive material may be added as deemed necessary.  Failure to observe any or all instructions may result in automatic disqualification.

Grants are designed to benefit the welfare of horses and support a broad range of horse related projects.  There are three divisions:

Education –  Projects may include adult and/or youth programs.  Examples include (but are not limited to): helping sponsor a seminar or clinic on a topic related to horse care, helping purchase reference materials such as a video tape for a meeting, helping with clinics, research related to horses, etc…

Animal Welfare – Grants must be specific to education to inform and support owners, trainers, and event organizers regarding preventative medicine, responsible training, and humane treatment of horses.

Trails – Projects may include (but are not limited to): crossings, bridges, culverts, layouts of new trails, adding hitching posts to campgrounds, adding drainage area around hitching posts, etc…
Grant amounts will be and vary between $100 and $1,000.  Buildings, salaries, and political causes will not be considered for grant funding.

For more information on applying grants from the Iowa Horse Council, please contact: Phil Duey 


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