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Why Should You Join the Iowa Horse Council?

Members of the Iowa Horse Council have the opportunity to take part in many equine related activities, events, and meet other people who love all types of equines. What is even better is that you have a VOICE in Iowa’s equine industry! There are many ways to get involved…just check it out and contact the committee you are interested in!


The IHC:

  • provides the opportunity for you to meet and work with other people who love horses.

  • keeps you in touch with what is going on in the horse industry through IHC member newsletters.

  • gives you a voice, through American Horse Council, in national efforts to promote and protect the equine industry.

  • provides you with information to better care for your horse.

  • provides you and your horse related groups with educational seminars and programs to keep you better informed at a discount.

  • provides you with the opportunity to use more trails and facilities through trail rides and events.

  • provides the opportunity to influence the growth of the equine community in Iowa.

  • provides the opportunity to apply for IHC scholarships, grants, and sponsorships.

  • members receive a discount on Iowa Equine Liability Signs.

  • offers you discounts on various services and equipment with the American Horse Council Advantage Plan.

  • offers you a free Fan Membership with Unites States Equestrian.

  • offers you member rates on Equisure, Inc. insurance products.

We encourage you to JOIN IHC today!

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