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IHC Sponsorships


The Iowa Horse Council will award activity sponsorships throughout the year.  The sponsorship program is designed to benefit welfare of horses and support a broad range of horse related projects.  Example of types of activities that may receive a sponsorship include educational clinics, horse shows, 4-H or FFA clinics, etc…  Sponsorships will not awarded for buildings, fencing, arena improvement projects, salaries, individuals, or political causes.

The Iowa Horse Council sponsorship process is formal and available for Iowa applicants.  All applications must be on the official application form.  Additional supportive material may be added as deemed necessary.  Failure to observe any or all instructions may result in automatic disqualification.

Sponsorship Applications may be submitted at any time during the year and will be considered by the IHC Board on a case by case basis.

Sponsorship amounts will vary and be between $50 and $500.

For more information on applying on sponsorships from Iowa Horse Council, please contact:  Phil Duey


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