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Matt Jobe

Matthew L Jobe owns and operates the C BAR J Ranch in Windsor, Missouri with his wife Angie. Matthew is Missouri native and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  He served his country with five overseas tours and earned numerous awards and medals.  At their facility, they board and train horses, give riding lessons, and teach clinics.  Matthew also has a small cow/calf operation and grazes contract cattle during the year.


His specialty is working with horses and teaching people how to communicate with them. Matthew is known for helping horses with their people problems. Paying close attention to what the horse has to say. He says, “The horse knows way more about being a horse than I do.  We must be still and listen to what they have to say.”  He is passionate about continuing his education and is always striving to improve his riding, teaching, and training. He continues to learn from other top-notch trainers. “If your trainer doesn’t have a trainer, then you need a new trainer.”  is a quote is often known to say.

Matthew has competed successfully in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting and Extreme Cowboy Racing. He has earned several World, National, regional and State titles the last few years, to include 2018 Professional Armed Forces Rodeo World Finals Top 5, 2018 CMSA M4 National Champion, 2017 AHCA National Finals Reserve Champion, 2016 MSP World Champion, 2016 AHCA Missouri State Champion, 2015 EXCA Mid-Central Champion, and 2015 EXCA Kansas State Champion.

Check out his website,  www.cbarj.com, for more information regarding boarding, clinics, and personal training opportunities.  He will also be releasing his first book early 2019