Mustang Madness is coming to Madison County Illinois

Mustang Madness is coming to Madison County Illinois. We will be having a TIP Challenge event on August 17, 2019. This TIP Challenge is a cooperative effort between the Mustang Heritage Foundation's trainer incentive program and the Bureau of Land Management Wild horse and Burro Program. Application deadline is April 17. Time is close so you will need to get your applications in soon. The competition is open for Youth divisions 8-17 years old and the adult competition is for anyone 18 and older. You will have approximately 100 days to gentle and train your Mustangs. You will be required to adopt the Mustangs or burros before pickup. If you are not able to keep the animal after the competition, you may re-assign to someone else. You must have the requirements according to BLM guidelines for adopting a Wild animal. There will be a $200.00 incentive to the adopters from the Mustang Heritage foundation following the competition. Cash Prizes and Awards! For more information or an application, please contact us at 618-616-8875.


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